The spins in this video are, I believe, some of the most important spin pole spins to master.

I call them ‘basic’ not because they are easy to learn or execute but because they are great fundamental movement blocks on which to build our dance. They are the moves I perform over and over, making appearances in nearly every dance whether in their full form, a variation or used transitionally. They are the meat, so to speak, of my spin pole dance foundation.


Prep: Write each of the moves on an index card.

  • Back Hook
  • Fireman
  • Chair
  • Cradle (Reverse Baseball Grip)
  • Cradle (Split / Bracket Grip)
  • Basic Straddle
  • Cross Ankle Sit
  • Crossed Knee Sit
  • Crucifix Forward Fold
  • Front Hook
  • Side Spin
  • Spin Up
  • Corkscrew
  • Figurehead
  • Sword

1. Combo Shuffle:

Shuffle the order of the cards and choose 2+ random cards to create combos. Perform with focus directed on technique and lines.

2. Variations:

Take each move and explore it fully with the goal of finding 5 new variations, 3 new exits and place into 1+ combo.

3. Sequence Building:

Choose 3+ random cards.
Perform #1. Then perform #1 then #2. Then perform #1, #2 then #3 in sequence… keep building and stacking.
Tip #1: Challenging yourself to see how many you can achieve in sequence is a great strength and stamina builder.
Tip #2: Choose moves you need to work on most and place them first in the sequence as you will be performing them the most.

Practicing these moves in different variations and orders will help smooth transitions while building foundational strength and technique.

Remember: Work up to these exercises slowly and with knowledge; work with an instructor, have a spotter & mats when beginning anything new, always use proper technique and research your body mechanics before attempting any new exercise… happy poling!

~ Ava

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