I was challenged to a #fyfchallenge for Tracee Kafer & Finding Your Freestyle challenging me to dance to a song that means something to me & tells something about me and my life. I had several ideas but none that were really touching me or challenging me to action so I decided to put on my ‘favorite’s’ playlist and spend some time freeystyling to all my very favorite songs today.

I had just finished a freestyle and this song came on; somehow it slipped into my playlist & I had never heard it before so decided to seize the moment and dance. I connected within a few seconds and just flowed; everything aligned, the world washed away and I got to spend the afternoon unfocused & free, dancing for just me in that place where everything feels just as it should be. Here’s a little ‘impromptu’ piece of my afternoon and though the song was not special to me per say, it’s moments and days like this these that are the reason I dance.

xpole itac