I’ve had quite a few requests over the past few months to create a tutorial for a move I like to call a closed inside leg hang (one of my fav’s, you see me do it a lot). This move is a (‘closed’) variation of a leg hang; great for intermediate inverters, super for gaining flexibility and just an all around beautiful pose.

In this video I show you how to enter a closed leg hang and also touch on some of the basics I find important for beginner leg-hangers to ponder. So, if you are a beginner/intermediate hanger and are looking for some ideas to improve upon or to spice up your leg hang, this should give you a few basics to begin working with.

*This is NOT a tutorial on how to achieve a leg hang – this video is for those new to leg hangs, looking to improve upon their skills. Please be confident and secure in your leg hangs before working with any of these variations.

Happy Leg Hanging!!

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