The handspring is a very, very tough move!


  1. Keep a lower grip with your hands (I was regularly gripping too high to begin with).
  2. Create triangular arms (make a perfect triangle between your arms and the pole – nice and low, not collapsed or arms spread too far)
  3. Don’t start lifting until the belly button reaches the ceiling (rotate then tuck when your belly button is facing up at the ceiling).
  4. With that top arm, pull the shoulder down and contract your lat on the upper side while keeping the push opposition in the lower arm (but good alignment in the arm down to the wrist and hand and be sure to not lock your elbows at any point).

Don’t push this move – let it come with time, proper strength training and conditioning to avoid serious injury!  Take this move seriously.

I have to say – it feels amazing to finally be able to perform this move!!


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