1) First off, you will need a pole!

I highly recommend X-Pole (fantastic, well made, safe aerial equipment with good customer service).

2) Next up, you will need to purchase your pole silks:

There are several pole silks manufacturers; I am most familiar with Pole Aria and PoleSilks.

3) Install your equipment 😉

I really enjoy the versatility of pole silks; I can use them for dancing, stretching, to assist in the achievement of a particularly tough pole move for myself or a student and my kids think it’s simply awesome! Most of all, I love that I can use my pole silks no matter my energy level; I can sit back and lazily spin or I can get a real workout lifting, inverting, arching and dancing around the pole.

I have been using my Pole Aria unit for several years now and the hardware and materials are holding up well. I’ve been enjoying this cool apparatus so much that I’ve decided to add a ‘Pole Silks/Aria Combo Flow’ section to my site (found here).

The Basics

In order to work with these videos you will need to know a few basic wraps, hitches and concepts. I’ve therefore created a few basic ‘need to know’ tutorials that cover the basics of Pole Silk/Aria concepts.

  1. Forearm Wrap & Fly Tutorial
  2. How To Tie a Basic Knot (Back Hitch)
  3. Basic Invert (One & Two Handed Variations)
  4. How to Wrap (Tie) a Foot Hitch
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  • Example
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Pole Silk/Aria Combo Flow Video Tutorials

The AvaMadison.dance Combo Flow section is currently divided into three sections:

All of the Combo Flow series are designed help you achieve challenging new combo’s and to improve upon your transitions.

I am approaching the Pole Silk/Aria Combo Flow section from a pole background thus use terms commonly associated with pole students.

I will continue to add to all the segments and will be adding varying levels of difficulty.

(Is there a segment or combo you’d like to see featured in the COMBO FLOW section? Send me a message – all levels welcome!)

I hope you enjoy your pole silks as much as I have and I look forward to developing these sections to help further aid you in your silks journey!



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