This video was one of those crazy, unexpected, unplanned creations that derived from video editing frustration and thankfully also lead to several realizations for me.

I had been getting serious, put me out, muscle pain in my rhomboids for nearly a year; I had tried every stretch and conditioning exercise imaginable for my back, posted in discussion boards, read books, laid off my power moves, everything I could think of short of an MRI. Each time I would dance it would flare up and often kept me from poling days later. Making this video made me question if the issue was indeed deriving from my back… I had a funny haha whiplash moment in my mind then pondered taking that thought more seriously. I began working and stretching the muscles within my neck prior to and after poling and the pain finally became under control.

While researching what the issue in my back could possibly be stemming from I found tons of polers with this same chronic condition – if you’re one of them, try stretching and strengthening your neck (lightly before poling and deeply post workout while you’re still warm) – you may just be suffering from ‘hair whip-lash’!

That horrible pain is finally gone… I guess sometimes the universe changes your plans in order to teach you something 😉

Now, on the lighter side, the other realization was, of course, that I do a staggering amount of hair whips while dancing and that my hair is most definitely a present element within my dance; something I’ve clearly learned to manipulate as I would any other body part in my dance. This video was a lot of fun to make and sparked a lot of insight!

xpole itac