Today was filled with fails…
Some crazy Dirdy Birdy forward facing elbow grip spin – FAILED
Tried a forward facing reverse elbow grip inverted split move – FAILED
Machine Gun – PITIFUL (4:12 was the closest I got but I’m now after this one)
Chopsticks – HORRIBLE
Chopsticks Variation – LOUSY

… I’m hearing Dory singing “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

I try to let theses days brush by with a grain of salt and for the most part I generally come out the other end just happy that I trained and motivated to try again next time but occasionally I’m driven crazy mad with the need to conquer what I failed to achieve – Machine Gun I’m coming for you.

I was however, quite pleased that I got the Open Allegra back thanks to my Skype partner who suggested trying a Jade entry as opposed to the inside leg hang. I was struggling on keeping this move consistent in freestyle coming in from the leg hang so I put it on the back burner – the Jade entry took all that hand maneuvering and tendon digging into the wrist action and just removed it… beautiful thing and once I quickened the rotation I lost all the hand slippage, so no more hanging on by the tips of my fingers. It will need a lot of practice and polishing but I’m confident it can now be released back into the repertoire (pain training here we come).

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