I really enjoy these knee-pads. I purchased them for floor-work practice after my right knee began having issues from the constant abuse of the hardwood. They not only eliminated the existing knee pain but are so comfortable that I was able to take some risks I was not willing to prior and thus have been able to add a few new moves to my repertoire. They can slide down a little from time to time if you’re really working them but not enough for me to call it a problem with the design (it’s usually because I’ve rolled or pushed them over due to an extreme movement). I do wish they came in one size smaller however as that may have eliminated that issue completely for me.

* I recommend pulling the size tags off them when you first get them… the first time I danced in them I was wearing black socks and didn’t realize the long white tags were sticking up the back of my knee until mid freestyle… looked fab on camera haha! 😉

Overall a great buy that has reduced knee injury and have been very durable.

** UPDATE: 3 years later I STILL own these same kneepads, use them regularly AND they are still in great shape… DURABLE!! (and they have added more sizes!)

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