When I teach a leg switch I find it’s easier for students to digest if broken down into smaller components. Similar to learning inversions the process of perfecting leg switches takes a good deal of practice, strength and confidence building to refine.

Remember when you first learned to invert? You likely began by tucking both knees, progressed to a single bent leg, then worked up to both legs straight.

Just as with an invert there are different stages to the learning process of a leg switch from bent leg versions to a full straight leg and the process often mimics that of inversion training. For the purpose of this video I’ve broken down the leg switch into a few basic steps to try to help individuals in different stages of the process…

The absolute basics of a leg switch:
1. Begin with a solid inside and outside leg hang independent of the switch.
2. Achieve comfortability in a two POC hang (no knee/leg).
3. Start working on switching (3 POC leg hang, 2 POC hang, to opposite side 3 POC leg hang).
4. Work on straight leg switches.
5. Polishing (head down, no flexy feet).

Keep in mind that the process of learning / perfecting leg switches is a lot like inverting. It takes a good deal of practice, strength/flexibility training and confidence building to really refine the movement but with time and practice you can achieve a beautiful leg switch you can be proud of executing… lots of tips in this video, hope it helps 🙂

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