I didn’t feel like poling so I just played around randomly for a while… the ‘squats’ with weights between the chairs I have been seeing a lot of late so I gave it a try – it’s supposed to be a knee strengthening Quad exercise but I didn’t love it – anyone have any good/bad experience with it? I’ve heard that you should not extend past 90 degrees but this keeps popping up so I was wondering if that idea has changed – it didn’t feel ‘bad’ (like you know when your doing something damaging) but at the same time it also didn’t prove useful as an exercise to me (I think I worked my knees and quads more getting the chairs and weights in place lol) It did feel good on my sacrum however. I love the heavy weight bag 🙂 I didn’t know however that it was touching that cabinet and that I almost dumped Buddha until I stopped :/ Hope you all had a fantastic day 🙂

xpole itac