I just danced in these lovely shimmery bottoms for the first time… there are some ups and downs but overall I LOVE them!

So here’s the nitty gritty: fair price, average ship time, SO incredibly pretty, well made (in an hour of rigorous dancing I actually didn’t loose one sequin!) with very soft fabric but not the best option for a pole dancer due to the size of the sequins. The sequins are large enough that they touch you skin around the edges of your thighs so not only do they fold upon themselves in some positions I ended with mini cuts all around the lady bits… not fun. There were also some moves I simply could not perform in these bottoms as a pole dancer due to the sequins and though I will be diligently on the hunt for a pair with smaller sequins, they were still worth the occasional thigh slicing in my book!

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Check these lovelies out in action:

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