This strappy outfit gets a bit of a mixed review from me… I LOVE this outfit and was very excited to find a ‘generic’ version of the Body Binds variety. It’s cheaply made & has some flaws but all in all I’m pretty happy with the product I purchased for the amount I paid.

The ups:

  1. It’s hot… seriously, it’s just awesome!
  2. It’s really comfortable – Spandex & Lycra combination.
  3. I ordered a small (received a Medium) and it fits me fairly well (I would not want it any bigger however) – it’s quite forgiving in it’s elasticity so I can see it fitting a nice range and variety of body types.
  4. It can be purchased in Small, Medium or Large – not a ‘one size fits all’ order.
  5. Comes in black or white.
  6. Washes well (hand washed & air dried).
  7. There is a thin liner in the cups which adds a bit of support and hides the nips 😉

The down’s:

  1. White lining; the black will bleed into the white if not carefully hand washed however you can not ‘see’ the white portion while wearing it so it’s strictly personal preference.
  2. My biggest complaint on this outfit is the upper two straps.
    • The first strap (the one that connects up between the cups) is not secured by stitching so it moves which is not an issue if you diligently thread it so the seam is hidden by the loop between the cups and fight to keep it there (I may just put a few stitches into it to secure the strap and avoid the slippage).
    • The second strap is secured down by stitching but is twisted which really irritates me but was not noticeable on camera and not in any way a tactile issue as the fabric is super soft… it’s more of the question of why on earth was it constructed so carelessly?
  3. I ordered a Small and received a Medium.
  4. The shipping was not real fast – it took approximately two weeks to arrive.

Again, all in all I’m really happy to find a new outfit with this specific strappy look for a reasonable price but the lack of attention to the construction details of this outfit was a bit of a disappointment. Since I purchased this outfit to dance in (and it’s flaws were a non-issue on camera) I can tolerate the poor quality of construction but had I purchased this as the advertised swimsuit, I would have been seriously disappointed.

See this Strappy Suit in action in my Goldcheaper 2 Song Special Pole Dance!

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