It takes a lot of time, money, grip aid and booty shorts to keep running!

No matter how far I get, my ambitions keep me riding the edge of growth as a creator. From outgrowing editing software to needing to replace a piece of camera equipment or adding props/lighting/etc. there always seems to be the next hurdle to overcome on my path of creation… the artist’s plight!

How will your contribution help?
Your contributions help me create better and consistent content and assist with hosting fees, software licensing, cameras & equipment necessary to keep running.

What do you get?
Consider this space my virtual hat or open guitar case as I perform for you. It allows viewers like yourself to donate or tip the creator (me) for their hard work in producing the content that you are watching.

What YOU get is content – more of it and with consistent upgrades and improvements to the material you are viewing (and hopefully the pride and satisfaction of being awesome enough to support my work and help me to remain an independent artist). 😉

Creating Synergy Pics
CostumesOutdoor swinging poleRed dressPolerskating

Or, if you would like to contribute more directly, you can check out upcoming studio needs on the Amazon Wishlist and select items of your choosing (plus, then you get to see your contribution featured in upcoming videos!).

Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel as well as follow my Facebook and Instagram feeds because that helps too! 😃

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