A fun pair of peek-a-boo heels that have been in my army for some time now. Though they are not my ‘go to’ shoes, every now and then you need a unique heel for certain outfits and this pair always comes out with my strappy, ‘lots of lines’ pole wear. Very fun to wear with either natural or studio lighting … Read More

Another pair of great Pleasers. These shoes were purchased due to the wearing out of a simmilar pink version… love these shoes just as much as their pink counter parts! The purple hue is gorgeous and I love that the shoe bed matches the shoe. Very comfortable, fits just as they should & the color is simply stunning in movement. … Read More

Another great pair of good-looking, sturdy 6 1/2 inch 708’s from Pleaser… love em’ (and I can almost see the top of the fridge when I’m wearing them)!

I LOVE these shoes! I wanted them from the second I saw them and they are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. Not only are they an insanely comfortable 6” (with their suede foot bed) but also they are incredibly beautiful. I’ve had SO many compliments on these shoes. They look like a glitter heel but they sparkle in … Read More