The Titanic was a tough move to nail down and it’s extremely difficult to verbally explain the body mechanics involved in order to achieve it. I found it necessary to get the pole as tight in the hip pocket as humanly possible then once extended into the Superman (before dropping the foot) I had to be sure to keep that hip positioning from that placement but more importantly the fleshy bits of the thigh could not be moved in the transition or I lost the grip – it’s almost like hanging on by your thigh meat (as opposed to the gluteus as visually perceived). Once I concentrated on keeping that flesh pulled back in it’s initial placement (insert immense pain warning here) as much as possible and not allowing it to move in my extension I got the move – I also had to be mindful that the bottom leg was not ‘moving down’ or being ‘lowered’ so much as it was a matter of catching my toe on the pole and contracting the muscles of the leg (while lightly lifting the upper leg – without moving that thigh flesh).

Using the same side hand as the upper leg (my right) to grip the pole low at the small of my back helped me not only get into the move but assisted in maintaining level hip placement in the transition from Superman to the Titanic hold.

One last tip that may help:
Ignore your torso; I wasted a lot of time experimenting with adjusting my upper body in hopes it would help nail the move but in the end, the grip was 100% gluteus down – once locked into the move I could ‘bow’ up and down without losing the stability of the grip.

It’s complicated, difficult and painful and I wish you all the best of luck obtaining this one!

Post your Titanic success’ below – I’d love to see them!

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