A must for any pole student (and instructor).

Crash mats are a financial investment so many people, unfortunately, wait until they have had an accident or a seriously close call before realizing the value of purchasing this pole must. Your safety is priority, over everything else… get one!

I’ve had this crash mat for almost a year now (I own the 5” pink) and though I don’t take it out often I am very thankful for it each time I do decide to pull it out. When using this mat I know I (or whomever is using it) will be safe. It allows the extra security to push past learning barriers, helps enormously with fear from new inverters, allows for calculated risk and lets face it… sometimes we need to fall to learn. As we become more skilled we are performing harder, executing more risky moves and generally begin practicing flips and drops – this mat allows the freedom to explore this place without injury.

I also like this mat because it can be used sectionally for exercises such as handstands, flips, stretching, etc.

Downsides to this product:

Though I love how soft the lining material is, it is somewhat thin so a misplaced heel or someone who say did not remove their jewelry will put this mat at risk of a cut. This is not to say that it is flimsy by any means, just that you will need to treat it like you would any other piece of equipment.

The other thing I noticed quite quickly is that I had to be mindful of how I stored this mat – if the black portion of the mat was sitting on top of the pink, the black would begin to discolor or bleed into the pink section.

This being said I have honestly tired ‘hurting’ myself by purposely falling, dropping straight down on my knees, flipping on my back, etc and have never, ever felt anything but security with this mat.


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