If you happen to be a dancer who is unaware of this product let me just tell you that you have no idea what you have been missing – buy some now!!

Being a pole dancer I am constantly working on pain/skin conditioning and am never (I mean ever) without multiple bruises. This product has taken me from a self conscious, pain ridden mess waiting for the next concerned citizen to hand me battered women information to one happy lady – my bruising is minimal, short lived and way less painful. My bruises used to linger on forever but with Arnicare they last for a day or two if not eliminate the bruising all together and it brings down the pain and swelling immensely… amazing incredible stuff!

Not only does it work amazingly but is also a great unscented, natural, paraben-free, product – always a winner in my book.

This lady will never be without her Arnicare!

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